Huntington Beach Pedestrian Accident with Injury

Huntington Beach is one of the most likely locations for a pedestrian accident with injury in Orange County according to the California Highway Patrol.  Pedestrians in and around the beach areas, as well as retail shopping and dining establishments create an urgency for drivers, especially those who are visiting or unfamiliar with the area, to exercise caution and vigilance to avoid pedestrian accidents.

A pedestrian accident with injury is usually quite serious.  The human frame is no match for the weight and momentum of a car or truck, and accidents usually lead to broken bones and fractures, as well as internal injuries and head trauma.  Many injury victims of pedestrian accidents strike their head on the vehicle itself or on the pavement when they are knocked down by the force of the accident.  These circumstances can result in a traumatic brain injury or TBI as well as permanent injury to victims of pedestrian accidents.

Unfortunately often a pedestrian accident with injury is the result of a hit and run driver, and pedestrians injured in these accidents often wonder who will pay for their injuries.  Many of our clients are surprised to learn that their own automobile insurance, specifically the Uninsured Motorist / Under-Insured Motorist coverage (or UM/UIM portion of their policy) will cover their medical costs and other financial damages if the driver cannot be identified.

These accidents require extensive legal skill and expertise.  My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of pedestrian accident with injury experience I can tell you that your choice in an attorney can make a significant monetary difference in your case.  I invite you to review the comments of our clients and the recommendations of the legal industry.

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