Skateboarder Critically Injured in Anaheim Hit-and-Run Saturday Night

We are extremely saddened by the critical injury of a skateboarder Saturday evening in an Anaheim hit-and-run accident. After more than 40 years of injury and wrongful death experience and several cases involving skateboarders, I can tell you this is devastating for the family. Skateboarders often do not receive the respect they deserve as many people (including insurance adjusters) have their own opinion of the skateboarding lifestyle. I stand up for injured skateboarders, and their families, in skateboard injury and fatal skateboard accidents.

A recent case is an excellent example. My client was riding his skateboard, and at the time of the accident was in the middle of the road on the double yellow line. He was struck and severely injured by a driver going the opposite way. The insurance company fought our case, saying the skateboarder shouldn’t have been there. Our argument was simple: The driver should not have crossed into the yellow line and hit our client, nor should our client have suffered severe injuries while riding a skateboard. This case was resolved for a substantial amount in our client’s favor.

In another skateboarding accident we took our client’s case to trial, and hired a reconstruction expert to recreate the accident. This resulted in a substantial financial victory for our client. Most personal injury attorneys will not take their own cases to trial. They settle all their cases with the insurance company, almost always receiving much less than their clients deserved. “How many cases have you successfully taken to trial?” is one of the 3 important questions you should ask any injury attorney you would consider hiring.

The driver in the Anaheim hit-and-run has been identified and charged. The family is deeply concerned and worried about their injured loved one, and our thoughts are with them. They will have to file a lawsuit against the hit-and-run driver, and this will be a very complex case. It is important that they seek an injury attorney with extensive experience in skateboard related accident and injury cases, as well as an experienced and seasoned lawyer with extensive trial experience.

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