Scarring From Dog Bites Often Requires Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Scarring from dog bites often requires multiple plastic surgeries to correct or resolve.  This is one reason it is important not to settle a dog bite injury case involving scarring with an insurance adjuster before consulting with an experienced injury attorney.  The goal of an insurance adjuster is to settle your case as quickly as possible for the lowest possible dollar amount.  Dog bites often leave wounds that result in severe scarring resulting in long term medical treatment plans.  Initial insurance company offers will not reflect the actual costs you will bear over time, nor will they take into account the impact the attack has had upon the victim’s life.

Dog bite injuries often result in damage to underlying tissue such as ligaments, tendons and nerves resulting in a loss in the range of motion in a finger, wrist, arm or leg.  Physical therapy over a period of months is often required to recover full use of the digit(s) or limb(s) affected.  In addition, scarring from dog bites is often deeper than what is visible on the surface.  Dog attacks leave emotional scars as well.  Dog bite victims often require extensive counseling to recover from the emotional impacts of Post Traumatic Stress or PTSD.  In cases involving visible scars to the face, neck and chest a “re-mirroring” therapy may be required years after the attack to help the victim to become accustomed to their “new” face or appearance after scars have been treated.

My name is Rivers Morrell, and I invite you to review the comments of our clients and the recommendations of the legal industry.  Learn about the long term treatment required when scarring from dog bites results from an attack.  Call (949)305-1400 for a free consultation, and learn about recovery in these cases.  There is no cost to you or your family out of pocket.  Together, we will work to ensure that you have the resources and support available to recover from what has happened, and move forward with a joyful life.

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