Motor Cycle Accident in Newport Beach Seriously Injures Two

A man and woman were seriously injured and hospitalized on June 1 in a motor cycle accident in Newport Beach when the motorcycle they were riding struck an automobile that was making a turn. The accident occurred in the city of Newport Beach in Orange County at the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Harbor View Drive. The occupants of the motorcycle were thrown from their motorcycle and sustained seriously injuries. They were transported to local area hospitals for treatment of their serious, but non-life threatening injuries. Law enforcement accident investigators have not determined the cause of the accident yet.

Unfortunate motorcycle accidents like this are a firm reminder on the dangers of driving, and the importance of proper automobile and motorcycle safety. The most important safety rule is to always wear a safety-belt at all times. As a motorcyclist, it is equally important to always wear proper safety gear including helmets, and motorcycle jackets to protect from injuries that can occur when you are expelled from the bike. Proper safety equipment can help to reduce the likelihood of significant injuries, and especially life threatening head injuries.

Unfortunately, vehicle accidents involving other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists can result in significant injuries including head trauma, broken bones, and back injuries. Significant accidents that result in serious injuries can be difficult to navigate through the insurance claims process. Oftentimes insurance adjusters will attempt to low ball you and give you the lowest possible recovery for your claims. For this reason it is essential to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options and claims.

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