USC Offers Initial Settlements for Accusers of Dr. Tyndall

USC offers initial settlements for accusers of Dr. Tyndall for sexual abuse

USC offers initial settlements for accusers of Dr. Tyndall for sexual abuse, but is it enough?  Is it too late to file a claim or lawsuit against Dr. George Tyndall for sexual abuse?

The initial reports state the settlement would provide at least $2,500 for “all class members” which includes patients who received women’s health services from Dr. Tyndall.  USC President Wanda Austin said “Patients who are willing to provide further details about their experience could be eligible for additional compensation up to $250,000.”

While Dr. Tyndall has denied any wrongdoing, he was fired in 2017 for alleged cases of sexual abuse and misconduct.

This is a positive first step by USC as they acknowledge their responsibility for Dr. Tyndall’s actions.  Many attorneys, including Rivers Morrell, believe it may not be enough.

Rivers Morrell represents women who have suffered sexual abuse, sexual harassment, rape or other sexually related crimes such as the transmission of an STD.  “After more than 40 years of experience working with clients in these types of cases I can tell you most clients of sexual abuse or harassment are experiencing a range of emotions.  They are struggling with what has happened and the impact they fear the incident may have upon their lives, to put it mildly.  They may or may not believe it is possible to hold the perpetrator accountable, but also feel compelled by their intuition and inner voice to take action,” said Mr. Morrell.

While USC offers initial settlements for accusers of Dr. Tyndall for sexual abuse it won’t be enough in many cases.

“It begins with a private, confidential and cost-free initial consultation.  Most of my clients are very relieved at some point during that call, and many express they feel like a heavy burden has already begun to lift.  There is no cost for my services for my clients out of pocket because I work on a contingency fee basis.”  Mr. Morrell continued: “It is not too late to pursue a claim of sexual abuse or harassment against Dr. Tyndall and USC.  I urge clients not to be discouraged or afraid, but to contact my law firm or call (949) 305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free consultation.”

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