Motorcycle Accident with Injuries in Mission Viejo

fatal accident in San Juan Capistrano Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Were you the victim of a motorcycle accident with injuries in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Orange County?  The number of motorcycle accidents resulting in injury continues to increase each year in Southern California.  My name is Rivers Morrell and I have represented injured motorcyclists for more than 40 years here in Mission Viejo and Orange County California.  I will hold those responsible for your injuries as a driver or passenger on a motorcycle financially accountable for what has happened.

One of the most common things you hear in these cases is “I never saw them.”  It is not uncommon for a driver to pull out immediately in front of an oncoming motorcyclist or to change lanes unexpectedly and cause an accident which results in serious injuries.  Common injuries in motorcycle accidents include but are not limited to:

Motorcyclists are no match for the weight and forces associated with a motor vehicle, and in many of these cases the result is a tragic fatal accident.

My job is to hold those responsible financially accountable so that you or your family may recover from what has happened and recoup the medical expenses, lost wages and other financial impact associated with what has happened along with compensation for having to endure the recovery from your injuries.

There is no cost out of pocket for our services as we work on a contingency fee basis.  If you your a loved one was injured as a driver or passenger on a motorcycle I invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call (949)305-1400 for a free consultation.  No one leaves home expecting to become involved in a motorcycle accident with injuries in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Orange County.  When it happens, you need a skilled, experienced and proven Orange County motorcycle accident and injury attorney on your side.

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