Two Men Charged in Hit and Run Death of Boy in Orange County

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has charged two local men with felony vehicular manslaughter for their responsibility in the death of a young 9 year old boy that was struck in a hit and run. The young boy was crossing a crosswalk on North Glassell Street in the city of Orange when he was struck by the two separate drivers who had failed to stop at the intersection. Apparently the two men had been involved in a minor collision, and one of the men was attempting to chase the other man who was attempting to flee the scene when they drove through the intersection.

Our thoughts go out the family members of the deceased child, in this senseless and needless tragedy. Hit and run accidents, especially wrongful death cases like the fatal pedestrian accident case above, are traumatic experiences. Pedestrian accidents involving moving vehicles often result in very serious injuries and/or death.

If someone is killed in a hit and run accident, typically the family or estate will have a cause of action for wrongful death against the wrongful party(s). A wrongful death cause of action may be brought by the decedent’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, and so on, as enunciated by California Code of Civil Procedure section 377.60. A wrongful death cause of action can be a complex matter, and it is recommended that you seek legal advice from an experienced attorney before proceeding in any lawsuit.

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