An Orange County Pedestrian Accident May Not Happen Where You Would Think

An Orange County Pedestrian Accident May Not Happen Where You Would Think

An Orange County pedestrian accident may not happen where you would think.  What is the most common location for an Orange County pedestrian accident?  Pedestrian accidents can happen in many places, from the sidewalk along a busy street to the parking lot of a grocery store.

According recent data collected by the California Highway patrol, a pedestrian accident resulting in injury usually happen when pedestrians are not in the crosswalk. Pedestrian accidents in Southern California often occur when a pedestrian simply darts across the road, often between parked cars, in any place in the road.

What is interesting, though, is that reports claim that crosswalks are visible from the sites of most of these accidents. If the pedestrian would have just continued on or crossed at a different place, they usually could have safely used a nearby crosswalk. The police believe that the problem, in many cases, is that people are in too much of a hurry or they are just not motivated enough to walk down to the crosswalk. They just take their chances, and this sometimes has horrific results in California.

The data also provides insight into the types of distractions that can play a big role. An Orange County pedestrian accident may be the result of a person stepping into traffic while texting on his or her phone, or a driver failing to see that person for the same reason (cell phone distraction).  Impatience is unfortunately a common factor in many of these collisions.

Where do most pedestrian accidents happen in Southern California?  In driveways, crosswalks and parking lots across the region and while you are out shopping, walking, running or exercising.  Knowing where and why an Orange County pedestrian accident might happen can help to raise awareness and ultimately reduce the serious injuries which often result.

Here in California a pedestrian simply should not be struck by a motor vehicle. If you’ve been the victim of an Orange County pedestrian accident you will need an experienced and proven personal injury attorney who will work aggressively to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and the pain you’ve been forced to endure and will in the future.  These accidents usually involve serious fractures, neck and back injuries as well as Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI.

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