Costa Mesa Hit and Run Accident Severely Injures Pedestrian

A Costa Mesa hit and run accident occurred over this past weekend severely injuring a pedestrian. In the early morning near Triangle Square shopping plaza in Costa Mesa, a pedestrian was struck by a small sports utility vehicle as he was attempting to cross the street on the crosswalk at the intersection of Newport Boulevard and Broadway. After the SUV struck the pedestrian, the driver fled, leaving the pedestrian with serious injuries. The victim was transported to Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana with serious injuries. Our thoughts go out to the injured victim and wish him a speedy recover in this hit and run accident.

Unfortunately, pedestrians that are struck by vehicles can sustain very major injuries in the event of a collision. Injuries can range from contusions, broken bones, head trauma, and sometimes, unfortunately, even fatalities. In the event of a hit and run, it may be difficult to track down the at fault party to file an insurance claim. In the event the at fault driver is found and caught, there could be civil and well as criminal claims against them. In the event that the at fault driver for a hit and run accident is not found, there still may be ways to file an insurance claim. For example, under/uninsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) may provide coverage for pedestrians that are struck from a hit and run driver, or uninsured motorist.

A Costa Mesa hit and run accident doesn’t mean the injured victim is stuck with their own medical bills and expenses.  In order to get a free consultation for your pedestrian and automobile accidents, please contact the Law Firm of Rivers J. Morrell at (949) 305-1400 to discuss your claims today! The call is absolutely free and at no risk to you!

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