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experienced and proven Irvine injury attorney

Are you searching for a proven Irvine car accident lawyer?  How will an experienced injury lawyer make a real difference in your case after you’ve suffered injuries in an Irvine car accident?

My name is Rivers Morrell and after more than 40 years of experience as an Irvine accident and injury attorney I can accomplish far more and get a much larger settlement or verdict in your case than you can on your own.  If not, I simply won’t take any fee.

Two recent studies help to explain why.

I represented all of the major insurance companies for the first 20 years of my career.  I know their tactics and how their adjusters and representatives are trained to operate.  The truth of the matter is this: insurance adjusters and representatives have one job: get you to accept the lowest possible settlement as quickly as possible. As a proven Irvine car accident lawyer I can recover a lot more for my clients to ensure they have the resources needed to cover all their expenses and just compensation for having to endure the injuries themselves.

A recent study by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) clearly proves injury claim payments were much higher when the injured party hired an injury lawyer.  This study was based upon 6,000 injured people who were injured in a car accident.  The study was designed to identify the types of injuries they had to endure, the treatment provided, the cost of that treatment and the settlement they ultimately received.  One fact the study made quite clear in the Insurance industry’s own study was those represented by an attorney received 40% more on average in their settlements than those who didn’t have a lawyer.

A separate report from IRS data unexpectedly shows an amazing statistic – 85% of all settlements paid by the insurance companies in that study for bodily injuries were paid to victims who were represented by lawyers.  The results in that study concluded those who were represented by attorneys were paid settlements which were more than three times higher than settlements paid to claimants without a lawyer.

Finally, your proven Irvine car accident lawyer must have extensive trial experience with a strong track record of powerful verdicts.  Insurance companies face the greatest financial risk before a jury.  Insurance companies keep track of every injury attorney and know which has the skill, experience and courage to take their cases to trial and which have rarely or never take a case to trial.  They know the less amount of cases an attorney has actually tried the greater the likelihood of achieving a lower settlement than the injured party is entitled to receive under California law.

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