Today is National HIV Testing Day

National HIV Testing Day

Today, June 27 is National HIV Testing Day.  Los Angeles has experienced rapid growth in the number of reported HIV cases over the past few years according to the Centers for Disease Control or CDC.  National HIV Testing Day is traditionally a day to be tested and to increase the awareness of the spread of the HIV virus, but also an opportunity to have a family discussion about sexuality and the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs.

In California, it is a civil code violation to knowingly transmit an STD to an intimate partner without warning them you are a carrier in advance of sexual contact.  There is an opportunity for a person to hold someone of substance financially accountable for knowingly transmitting an STD without warning in Los Angeles or anywhere in California in a civil legal action.  This does not have to be (and rarely is) a highly publicized court battle.  In fact, our STD cases are quite private and we work to keep names out of the public record to protect the identities of those involved, especially the victim.

Unfortunately, if the person responsible for transmitting an STD like HIV, HPV or Herpes does not have financial resources it isn’t possible to file a successful civil action.  But you can pursue someone who absolutely should have known better and who committed a civil violation by withholding the information.  If a celebrity, professional such as a doctor or lawyer, business owner, professional athlete, professor or instructor, actor or actress or even the heir to a large sum of a money transmits an STD you can hold them financially accountable.  You will require medical treatment for the rest of your life, and many clients worry that the stigma of an STD will have a terrible effect on their dating life and the opportunity to attract the right person.

My name is Rivers Morrell, and after more than 40 years of experience in civil cases and dozens of STD cases I can tell you there is genuine hope, and an opportunity for healing.  I invite you to watch a video created by two of our former STD clients, and contact me or call (949) 305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free, private and confidential consultation.  Today is National HIV Testing Day and we support all of those who battle an STD and look forward to eradicating all such diseases in the near future.  There is always hope.

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