A New Blood Test May Help to Diagnose Brain Injury After a Car Accident

Diagnose Brain Injury After a Car Accident

A new blood test may help to diagnose brain injury after a car accident.  According to a recent press release by the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA, the agency has recently approved a new blood test which helps to identify brain trauma indicators after a car accident.  The test – known as the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator or Banyan BTI – measures the levels of two important chemicals which are released by the brain within 12 hours of a head injury.

The presence or absence of these chemicals help doctors to determine the likelihood of a Traumatic Brain Injury or concussion and may affect a medical professional’s decision to perform a CT scan or additional testing.

“A blood-testing option for the evaluation of TBI or a concussion not only provides health care professionals with a new tool, but also sets the stage for a more modernized standard of care for testing of suspected cases,” noted Scott Gottlieb, M.D., the Commissioner of the FDA.   The FDA’s authorization of Banyan BTI seeks to “ensure that each patient is getting the right imaging exam, at the right time, with the right radiation dose.”

The fact that a new blood test may help to diagnose brain injury after a car accident is certainly good news.   Brain injury can be one of the hardest diagnosis to quantify after a car accident.  Head injury can have a subtle or more profound lifelong impact for any injury victim.

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