E-Scooters Have Resulted in Serious Injuries

E-Scooters Have Resulted in Serious Injuries

E-scooters have resulted in serious injuries and liabilities according to a recent class action lawsuit filed recently.  The lawsuit, names “Lime” and “Bird” as well as “Segway,” “Xiaomi” and other e-scooter companies accusing them of gross negligence as well as “aiding and abetting assault.”

Three of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege they were simply walking down the street when they were run into from behind and seriously injured by someone on an e-scooter.  The lawsuit addresses a disregard for safety, specifically citing the complete lack of safety instructions for riders.

The lawsuit alleges the E-scooter companies have created risks to the general public which were “known and/or knowable” and the placement of these scooters has represented a “wanton disregard for the safety of others.”  It further states the practices of e-scooter companies have contributed to multiple injuries by “dumping” scooters on public streets without appropriate precautions.

If you are injured by someone riding an e-scooter you have a valid injury claim.  E-scooters have resulted in serious injuries and the responsibility lies not only with the rider, but with the companies who have made scooters available without regard to training, safety and the potential for injury.  If you are injured by a careless e-scooter rider, we can and will help.

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