Injured on a Motorcycle When a Car Pulls Out In Front of You

Motorcycle Car Side Impact Injury Attorney

Southern California provides a lot of advantages to those who ride a motorcycle.  It can also be quite dangerous due to the high number of vehicles traveling our roads and parking lots.  What should you do when you are injured on a motorcycle when a car pulls out in front of you?  Motorists often are not aware of the cyclists with which they share the road, and often do not see you on your motorcycle when they are pulling out from a parking lot or side street.  Side impact car accidents are one of the most common risks for Southern California and Orange County motorcyclists.  Unfortunately these motorcycle accidents happen so quickly there is no where to go and the resulting serious injuries can be life changing.  You will need an experienced and proven Mission Viejo motorcycle accident attorney to stand up for your interests and ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Rivers Morrell has more than 40 years of experience as a personal injury attorney.  He has handled numerous motorcycle accident and injury cases and achieved substantial settlements and verdicts for his clients.  In the past several months our office settled a case where a grandmother was driving her grandson to school and pulled out in front of our client on his motorcycle.  While his injuries were quite serious and will affect the rest of his life, he is making a strong recovery.  Rivers Morrell not only achieved a seven figure settlement for our client, he worked with the hospital, medical providers, physical therapists and all other sources of medical bills to accept a reduced settlement to ensure our client has the best opportunity to receive the care needed now and in the future.

Insurance companies offer far less than they should and you need a strong, experienced and proven trial attorney who can and will hold them fully accountable.  If you are injured on a motorcycle when a car pulls out in front of you we invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call (949)305-1400 for a free consultation.  Ask about our recent successes in motorcycle accidents and how we will work to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.  There is no cost to you out of pocket as we work on a contingency fee basis.

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