Who Pays for Dog Bite Injuries in Orange County CA?

Who pays for dog bite injuries in Orange County California?  Dog owners in California are strictly liable for their pets.  The primary source of recovery for dog bite injuries and associated financial damages such as medical bills is the dog owners renters or homeowners insurance.  The majority of dog bite injury victims know the owner of the dog who bit them quite well.  Often it is a family member, close friends or even a neighbor.  We file suit against the insurance company of the dog owner, but work to help preserve the relationship between the victims family and the dog owner.

Dog bites are often serious injuries that result in tearing type wounds that don’t heal without leaving substantial scarring.  The majority of dog bite scars are in visible areas such as the face, neck, torso or limbs.  More than two thirds of dog bite injuries to children occur on the face and neck resulting in severe scarring.  These injuries require multiple plastic surgeries to reduce the visible impact of the scar as much as possible.

There is also a psychological component of a dog bite – the victim’s self image is often severely impacted by scars that are visible, especially on the face.  This impacts self-esteem and confidence and requires extensive therapy and a process known as “re-mirroring”, where feedback from immediate and extended family, friends, counselors, physicians, teachers, co-workers and others is sought to reassure the victim after corrective plastic surgery is completed.  This reassurance is part of a process to help them to come to terms with what has happened and to accept the new image they see in the mirror every day.

Dog bite injury treatment extends for months and in some cases years.  As an experienced dog bite attorney with more than 40 years of experience I can tell you that it is important to work with a legal team that will not settle early and who have extensive case experience and a successful record in trial verdicts.  This is the credibility that allows us to stand up to the insurance company and hold them fully financially accountable.

Who pays for dog bite injuries in Orange County?  The insurance of the dog owner, and the quality of your attorney will have a substantial impact on the outcome in your case.  I invite you to read what my clients have to say, and to check out the recommendations of the legal industry and call (949)305-1400 for a free consultation.  There is no cost to you out of pocket for our representation.

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