What Should You Look For in a Mission Viejo Injury Attorney?

Pick a Personal Injury Attorney in Mission Viejo

What should you look for in a Mission Viejo injury attorney for injuries received in an accident in Orange County, LA or Riverside County?

After more than 40 years of experience as an injury attorney here in Mission Viejo, I can tell you the quality of your attorney will have a big impact on the success of your case and the value you receive.

The first question to ask an injury attorney should be: “How many cases have you taken to trial?”

You’re probably thinking to yourself “What? Doesn’t every lawyer spend every day in court?”

The fact is the number of attorneys who regularly take cases before a jury is extremely small, and insurance companies keep detailed records on each injury attorney. They know if your attorney is willing and able to take your case all the way to a jury trial and win, or if they have a track record of settling cases quickly for a much lower value than what the client deserves.  That reputation affects the willingness of the insurance company to negotiate in a fair manner.

Pick a Personal Injury Attorney in Mission Viejo

Other things to look for in a Mission Viejo injury attorney include client reviews and genuine industry awards.  I have been recognized by my peers and the legal industry as an elite injury attorney who has achieved noteworthy results over a long period of time.  This recognition is another key indicator.  The legal industry and other attorneys recognize skill and expertise within our field.  Look for invitations and awards from exclusive organizations that recognize the top 5% of attorneys such as ABOTA, Super Lawyers and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates, peer recommendations and trial law certifications.

Finally, your attorney should be accessible, responsive and comfortable to work with.  Look for an attorney who will respond personally and promptly to your calls and emails.  What should you look for in a Mission Viejo injury attorney?  Experience, proven trial skills, and an attorney who won’t rush to settle your case in a matter of weeks.  Contact us or call to speak with me personally for a free consult today at (949) 305-1400.  There is no cost to you out of pocket as we work on a contingency fee basis.


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