What Kind of Damages Can I Recover If I am Transmitted an STD?

Civil Action Against Those Who Transmit HIV in Los Angeles

What kind of damages can I recover if I am transmitted an STD in California?  My name is Rivers Morrel, and we get many calls about Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD cases. Almost all of the calls come from women who have been betrayed by their partner (i.e. the partner did not disclose that he had an STD).

Too often the partner who gave them the STD belittles the issue. They say that it is no big deal, that many people have herpes, or Human Papillomavirus or HPV, or even HIV / AIDS. The partner is just plain wrong. As we have reported, it is a civil violation of California law not to disclose it to your partner if you have an STD.

We are often asked “What kind of damages can I recover if I am transmitted an STD?”  The damages can be very significant. Too often the person that transmitted the STD has little in the way of money or assets. This then becomes very problematic in trying to recover what the woman is clearly entitled to. Sometimes we get calls where the male who transmitted the STD has substantial fame, income, money or assets. These are the kinds of cases where the woman can be fully and fairly compensated.

As one may know, genital herpes is a permanent condition. Once it is transmitted, you must disclose this to every partner in the future.

Genital Herpes is a virus that results in outbreaks and lesions. The following symptoms can also develop: Pain, itching, fever, headaches, bumps, blisters, open sores, and swollen glands. There is a link to infertility, and cancer.

Furthermore, those with Herpes are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. A mother with Herpes must have a C-Section, and is likely limited to the number of children that she can have.

Too often, HPV is also contracted with the Herpes. The HPV infection results in symptoms similar to those associated with Herpes. Cancer of the cervix can develop. Continued testing and biopsies are required. A child is more likely to be infected with this virus, if the mother has contracted the STD.  Those with HPV are more susceptible to contracting HIV as well.

In addition to these physical ailments, the victims suffer the most emotionally. They feel stigmatized. They feel embarrassed and humiliated. They often go into a deep depression. They lose sleep. There is a phenomenon referred to as the “Herpes Syndrome,” an experience of depression and anxiety.  Victims of an STD transmission often feel that their life has been ruined or that they are “damaged goods.”

After more than 40 years of experience in these types of cases I can tell you there is a road back to empowerment, peace and moving forward.  Two of our former STD transmission clients made a video to provide insight for those who have been transmitted with an STD.

“What kind of damages can I recover if I am transmitted an STD?”  We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and the legal industry and contact us or call 949-305-1400 to speak with me personally for a free, private and confidential consultation.

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